TechnoVisual Education to Launch New ArcVenture Series

This new series is the new development of the classic ArcVenture archaeology and history series to bring the award winning history adventure by Mark Vanstone up to date. Originally released on the Acorn Archimedes range of computers in the 1990’s and then updated to run on PC and Mac in 2003, ArcVenture has been at the forefront of bringing history to life for school children by exploring past cultures, specifically The Romans, The Egyptians, The Vikings and The Anglo Saxons.

This new development brings ArcVenture into the online environment with many more interactive options to use in classrooms and at home. We are nearly there. The last ten percent is always the longest part but we are in sight of the launch of ArcVenture Online, The Romans Chapter One. Preparing the final builds and launchers, the resources and the store pages so that everyone can get hold of a copy. The new chapter will be available in the next month so keep an eye out on our social media: X – @arcventure1 , Youtube and of course for availability.